Monday, December 14, 2015

A Quiet Week!

It's definitely been a blessing teaching in Portuguese. Henrik is a super cool guy! He has a scheduled baptismal date for this Saturday! Hello to the YSA branch! Miss those guys. And President Robinson is so awesome! So, this week, I have nothing. Elder Pineda had a doctors appointment and had to get like 5 warts burned off his foot. So he can't walk. We've been in the house all week. It's exhausting doing nothing. But it's been a good week of reading the scriptures and napping. So, this week. I did laundry too. Turns out ALL of my pants are disgusting. So, just letting you know I'll be buying some new pants today. I also may or may not have broken a I'll be paying for that too. Ummm....OH! If you could send me an ankle brace for my right ankle, that'd be nice. Every time I play sports I seem to tweak it somehow. It's no rush though. Whenever you get a chance. That's about it for the week! Thank you so much for the 12 Days of Christmas! The little child in me is wanting to open them all right now! But I'm not. And my companion says thank you too! Love you so much! Thank you!

12 Days of Christmas

Using the characters in a traditional nativity, each was given a date with a scripture. On each given day, after reading the scripture and using it as a clue to guess the corresponding gift, they can each then open their gift. How many can you guess? (answers to follow later)

Matthew 7:24-25                              
Proverbs 25;25                               
Moses 1:33                                        
Mosiah 14:5                                   
Psalms 78:24                                     
2 Samuel 6:5                                
Mormon 9:24                                            
D&C 103:9                                       
Matthew 7:10                                              
1 Corinthians 13:11                       
Mark 9:24                                          
????   (I forgot to write this one down. 
               I'll have to ask what it was)              

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