Monday, January 25, 2016

Hard at Work!

We worked SO hard this week. Like, I've never worked so hard. We're taught as leaders the best way to lead is by example. And I'm doing my best to take that to heart. We killed it this week in almost all aspects of the work. It does get a bit annoying dragging around Elder Welch because he hates how much we have to bike an go out of our way to do work. But hopefully he'll get a SUPER lazy companion at some point that helps him realize our hard work is paying off. We've been working a lot with Tim and a few other investigators and should have a bunch of amazing people being baptized this month. I'm super excited to see such success after working hard to get where I am spiritually. I'm truly on the Lord's errand now.

Haven't heard much from anyone in a while. So I hope everyone is doing great! I love you all and thanks for the support!

A good game of Quidditch for Zone Activity

Monday, January 18, 2016

Another week!

Our week was much more successful. It was still a struggle though because none of the people we were teaching showed up to church. So we are going to work super hard this week to talk about church and it's importance. We're working hard and will continue to. I have some recordings as well. This week was a hard one, but a good one. Love you!

I workout when I can. Even if it's when we are knocking doors.

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Area!

I just now realize how little I actually know how to do missionary work. It's crazy. Also have no idea how to help and teach other missionaries. It's humbling that's for sure. I've got some pretty crazy sisters in my district, so that's a challenge. But hey, the Lord knows I can handle it. This week has been a real crazy one. The work is super good! I just came into an area that the last missionaries wrecked. My companion was a greeny in house full of dying missionaries, so he literally had no control. The other missionaries were so bad too. Like they were more of glorified home teachers rather than missionaries. They did do work, but not the kind of work we need to be doing as harvesters of the prepared. And they were slobs and lazy. It's sad. But we bout to do work! We've started biking a lot too. So my butt hurts. But I come home exhausted every night. So that's a blessing. Not much else to report besides the new area and new companion.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Transfered again!

It's been rather chilly. Like 70's...ha. So our not happening :( She didn't make it to church this Sunday and is getting a little bit of cold feet, But that's ok. She just needs to remember to read and she'll be ok! Because that's how she's going to feel the Spirit when we're gone. Which is interesting. Cause I'm gone! We got transfer calls last night and I'm getting transferred! I'm going up to Coral Springs, which is right north of Fort Laud. So that's fun. And I've been called as a district leader. No idea how to do that. But I guess I better figure it out. I forgot the recordings, but I'll send them later today. Sorry :/ This week we went down to Key West! It's in our area and we decided to go visit some of our members that live there. It was super fun. Way too touristy of a vacation spot for me though. Bahamas is way better. Love you guys a lot! Thanks for everything! I'll be sure to send my new address when I get it.