Monday, January 25, 2016

Hard at Work!

We worked SO hard this week. Like, I've never worked so hard. We're taught as leaders the best way to lead is by example. And I'm doing my best to take that to heart. We killed it this week in almost all aspects of the work. It does get a bit annoying dragging around Elder Welch because he hates how much we have to bike an go out of our way to do work. But hopefully he'll get a SUPER lazy companion at some point that helps him realize our hard work is paying off. We've been working a lot with Tim and a few other investigators and should have a bunch of amazing people being baptized this month. I'm super excited to see such success after working hard to get where I am spiritually. I'm truly on the Lord's errand now.

Haven't heard much from anyone in a while. So I hope everyone is doing great! I love you all and thanks for the support!

A good game of Quidditch for Zone Activity

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