Monday, February 1, 2016

Long, Hard Week!

Yeah, things are going well. We've really been able to work hard. Though some of those people we met and are teaching fell off, we know we're covering all of our bases and working hard. Our week was kind of crazy. Hard and long too.  Saturday I did get to go on exchanges with Elder Jensen. That was super fun. I didn't teach much, but I did get to use a little bit of my basic Spanish to have a good conversation. I think one of the hardest parts of learning a language is just getting used to how fast people talk and what exactly they say. But after being around people who all speak similar languages, it's so nice! So exchanges was fun. The next day was crazy. So we had found a SUPER cool family that all wanted to get baptized. And they disappeared. They just went super anti-mormon and lost their cool. And so we're praying they'll come back. We also had a crazy lesson with Peggy, Paddy and their son (grrrrr). Peggy and Paddy had a date for Feb. 6. Last night we taught them, but little did we know their son was going to be there. He pretty much destroyed the lesson and just anti-ed (as we call it) is mom and aunt. It was terrible. But the rest of the week was fun and tiring as we work our butts off.

 I found it. My life is official over!

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