Monday, February 15, 2016

Slow Week

This week was crazy. And by crazy I mean nothing happened. We started off last Monday playing golf with the AP's which was a blast. So much fun. But I got home that night and found out that one of Sister companionships was getting emergency transferred. So then I had to deal with that. The rest of the week was just slow. Another one of those weeks where we found a TON, but no one we found was willing to come to church. Yesterday we had a guy who's leaving on his mission in a month come to a mini mission with us, so that was quite comical and fun. I just wish you could push members to work hard like you can push missionaries. We will be having a baptism this week though! Jalen our 10 year old is finally getting baptized! Thank goodness! His funny story from this week is that he was sitting in sacrament meeting watching everyone raise their hands to support and sustain and what not. But one of the times he just jumps up and raises his hands above his head and goes crazy! It was funny to watch while I sat on the stand. Oh, I gave a talk this week too. They had to ask me last minute. I like to think I give good talks. I hope so.

We don't really get the chance to do much work with members like, mission prep. We mostly just do a lot of work on our own because the members here in Florida are pretty closed off and move from town to town like nobody's business. We do try to work with them for ward activities and FHE's, but that's about it.

I remember a few months ago where I said the hardest part about missionary work was waking up at 6:30am. I have never been so wrong in my life. This past transfer has been the most frustrating thing on earth. I've never worked so hard to find people to teach and baptize and never had so little success. Even more frustrating (but will turn into a blessing) is that I get to stay in Tamarac N for at least one more transfer with Elder Welch. Which, is gonna be rough, but I'll pull through. Love you guys so much!

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