Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy 4th!


So the temple trip will now be this Friday, which is gonna be crazy fun. Especially since Elder Jensen doesn't speak Portuguese. Wait, Elder Jensen? That's right! I'm getting transferred! I'm going to the MIAMI BEACH ENGLISH AREA to be a Zone leader!! Crazy. I don't know what President was thinking. Elder Jensen lived with me in Coral Springs when I was serving in Tamarac. I attached the address of my new house at the end.I love the mission. Sometimes I forget that you have to choose to be happy, or that I'd be happier somewhere else or with someone else. But I'm serving a mission! It's the happiest place on earth!  Carlotta got baptized! And Jamel! And Kevin! They all did! It was such a glorious day! I'll definitely send pictures. It's sad though I have to leave and miss Aidan and Noah's baptisms. Sounds like everything is about to pick up and get going for the summer! I expect pictures! I love the pictures you send and I'm sending a bunch today! I love you all so much! I miss you everyday! You're in my prayers! Tell Brinton I'm super jealous he's in Banff. Like, super jealous. Love you!

705 NE 92nd St, #1
Miami Shores, FL  33138

Monday, June 20, 2016

Going to the Temple!

Well, this week was great! We went out to Sanibel Island Monday night to contact a referral, who turned out to not even live there. But wow, Sanibel is beautiful! Great little place to get away too. Tuesday was a normal work day. Just hot, sweaty work day. You know the kind. We bike all over North Fort Myers trying to contact less active and part member families. So hot. We almost made a fire and roasted marshmallows. Wednesday we drove to Fort Laud! We had a great Zone Conference on faith. Very inspired. I got my temple recommend renewed and I'm GOING TO THE TEMPLE ON JULY 1ST!!!! Yayyyy! I'm so pumped. Julia Santos and Andrew Mayorga are getting endowed. Such a blessing from above! After the Zone conference though we got to go do a greenie exchange in the Assistant's area. Soo much fun. I went with Elder Johns. Love that kid to death. We've never served around each other, but we're great friends because we talk a lot through email and at meetings. He's making plans to buy a house in Provo, so I'll probably go live with him for school. Who knows. We got back to our area and just really had to make sure everything is going ok. Carlotta didn't get baptized on Saturday, but she is going to be on Sunday! Yay!! We're so excited for her and Jamelle. If Kevin can not smoke too he as well will be baptized! Lots of blessing. Transfers are next week so you won't hear from me until next Tuesday. Things I'm in need of. A new body. I'm so exhausted and hungry haha. Ok, well, it's not something I need, but I've been looking at getting a watch. The kind I was looking at his a Freestlye Shark Classic. It's all black and has a silicone band. I've been thinking about one for a while. Idk, up to you. The other thing is that there is a Pioneer day concert coming up! The King Singers will be performing, so I'm wondering if you could record it for me and seperate the songs out and what not. Because it's a Mo-Tab concert we are allowed to listen to it. Anyways, love you! I'm excited to see pictures from the trip! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week of Work

As for the work we have 5 baptisms lined up for the next 3 weeks! Carlotta, Jamelle, Kevin, Aidan, and Noah! Plus more I'm sure. We'll go find people to teach. I have great news too! I'm going to the temple! Julia Santos and Andrew Mayorga from the Boca Rio Branch are receiving their endowments! So I get to go do a session.....in Portuguese! GAHHHH. We're so pumped. That's the big news of the week.

Monday, June 6, 2016


This week for us was HOT. But the hot I'm used to now here in Florida. The think I think I'll never get used to is the humid. It's so awful. Especially biking almost everyday. Tuesday we had a P-day because of Memorial Day and what not, so we got to play sports in the chapel which is always blessing. That night was fun too. WE got to knock some doors and found some people to teach who turned out to not really be that interested. Wednesday was our district training. Being a district leader can be difficult because you're not really sure if what you want to talk about is what the district needs. But it usually works out in the end. Although I'm running out of ideas cause I've been doing this for 6 months. Haha we met this really nice guy this week named Charlie! He's 70, black and has a better narrating voice than Morgan Freeman. He's way awesome. He couldn't come to church because his parents needed his help (his parents are alive?!). But he's doing great. Yesterday we got to stop by a Brazilian members house. She and her daughter are members but the husband is not. We played soccer with him last Monday and we shared a message with him last night. I think slowly but surely we are opening a door their. Carlotta and Kevin are doing great. Kevin kind of goes MIA every once in a while, so we didn't get to talk to him much. But Carlotta wants work off SO bad. She's doing everything she can to get it off. Those two families are truly tender mercies. I've been doing great! Some days are hard and I miss my bed, but the little things keep ya going! And man that is a blessing. I know it'd be so much easier for God to just, give us a miracles all the time and then we could do missionary work, but what would we learn?! I'm truly working day by day to make sure that I'm overcoming my shortcomings. Which is surprisingly difficult. Which makes sense why they're my weaknesses....heh... You'd think I would've figure this out sooner. But thanks for everything and the updates! I love you all and be safe on your trip!