Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So the temple trip will now be this Friday, which is gonna be crazy fun. Especially since Elder Jensen doesn't speak Portuguese. Wait, Elder Jensen? That's right! I'm getting transferred! I'm going to the MIAMI BEACH ENGLISH AREA to be a Zone leader!! Crazy. I don't know what President was thinking. Elder Jensen lived with me in Coral Springs when I was serving in Tamarac. I attached the address of my new house at the end.I love the mission. Sometimes I forget that you have to choose to be happy, or that I'd be happier somewhere else or with someone else. But I'm serving a mission! It's the happiest place on earth!  Carlotta got baptized! And Jamel! And Kevin! They all did! It was such a glorious day! I'll definitely send pictures. It's sad though I have to leave and miss Aidan and Noah's baptisms. Sounds like everything is about to pick up and get going for the summer! I expect pictures! I love the pictures you send and I'm sending a bunch today! I love you all so much! I miss you everyday! You're in my prayers! Tell Brinton I'm super jealous he's in Banff. Like, super jealous. Love you!

705 NE 92nd St, #1
Miami Shores, FL  33138

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