Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Temple Day!

We are having tons of fun! And we definitely feel like we're doing our best to lead well and have others look up to us. It's so hard sometimes! This area is a rough one, but we are so glad to be in it with our nose to the grind stone. Or however that saying goes. This week was a blast for us. It went by slow, but we found tons of people to teach this week. Most of them already fell off, but our miracle family this week is Mirlande and Erica. They're an Americanized Haitian family. The mom and daughter are super interested and the Dad is quite rude. But he doesn't care that they come to church and meet with us. As we were teaching the restoration we asked if she had ever had the question "Which of all the churches is the same on that Jesus Christ established?" She said she'd been wondering that so much that she even took a class about it! And she ended up being even more confused! So, she knows now and has a baptismal date with Erica for the 11th. Pray for them! It's such a great experience watching the Spirit testify of things to them. When Mirlande hears something that answers her questions, she looks at you dumb struck, and then says, "OHHHHH, that makes SO much sense!" It's so amazing. We love it! We have a quick and fun week lined up for this week though. Tuesday AP Elder Johns will be on exchanges with me in Miami, then Thursday we have a boss meal appointment, Friday is Mission Leadership Council, and Saturday is Julia Santos and Lehi's sealing in the temple! GAH!!! First sealing ever witnessed. And it's in Portuguese! GAH!!! I have been terrible, once again, at recording. But we took some pictures. Love you all! 

These pictures we used for our zone activity invitation. It's called Wackbat Wars. Ya know, like on Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

Monday, August 22, 2016


Ah man. Adornetto's.....that sounds so good. I might even be down for a salad there. You heard me. Salad. I've taken a liking to it. I'm a changin man! Hopefully. We have two sisters in our zone singing the words from a sacrament hymn to the tune of Abide with me tis eventide. Or maybe it's vice versa. I'm excited to hear the finished product. As for us this week we had a great zone training! Usually President Richardson gives us the training, and then the ZL's give it out to the zone. But this time we had to make our own! Kind of scary but it went OH SO GOOD! We had a little bit of revelation one night and it was also revolutionary for the zone and maybe mission. So we call it "revelationary." Clever right? Anyways, the zone training was a huge hit. Lots of laughing and the Spirit was SO strong. So we know everyone is converted to it, but now we just need them  to go find people to teach! We talked in the zone training about being quality missionaries in our contacts, teaching, who teach etc. because we know our purpose and because we have real intent. It was awesome. We even had a rap battle! (Of course I attached it). The rest of the week was spent finding people who quickly fall away. We've seen lots and lots of people accept baptism and the restoration, but then we lose them and they ignore us. It's the worst. But we're having fun and doing so good! I love Elder Alexis! He's been one of my favorite companions so far! And he's from Michigan. So that helps. Go Blue! Love you all!

Elder Thorderson and Elder Alexis

Bonesaw Zone

Getting a much needed pedicure with Elder Jensen!

Monday, August 15, 2016

No Time!

Our week was not so good. It was great in the fact that we've set up some really solid plans for the zone for the transfer and got a ton of baptismal interviews done, but it was bad in the fact that all of our time was gone and we had little to no time to find and teach for ourselves. I understand sacrifice though. There are definitely some great miracles out there waiting for us because of the diligence we have to our zone and our area. So pray for us! Elder Alexis is from Michigan! Like Ann Arbor area. So we talk a lot about the Tigers, Red Wings and the Wolverines. It's going well too! We both feel like we can handle this whole new Zone Leader as long as we keep the Lord involved. I am so bad at this whole picture and recording thing too. I have nothing! I've been continuing to see the blessings of diligence and keeping the commandments. I'm so happy! All the time! It makes no sense! We have great ideas and it's the best! But thank you for everything! I love it here and I'm scared how fast it's going! GAH! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Staying Put!

This week was a good for us. And really quick too! We had tons of fun and saw lots of great little miracles. But being the great person I am, I forgot my I'll just talk a little bit about last night cause that was crazy. Anyways, we start knocking doors. Like 15 minutes in we meet this Venezuelan lady. She acts like she knows us, pulls some chairs outside and says she'll be right back after she brushes her teeth. Anyways, we talk to her, part of her family are members, and she's crazy! She tells us this hour long story about her life and all this junk. She has a pretty messed up life as is, but she really wants Christ in her life and wants to change. She has stuff that she likes to do and feels bad doing it but she wants to stop cause she knows Christ doesn't want her too. So that was weird last night. There are more details, but we will leave those for some other day. Last night was also transfer calls! Elder Jensen is obviously going home. Which is sad, we've had tons of fun together and learned a lot and grown a lot too! But I will be staying in Miami Beach again (which I'm pumped). And I'll be getting Elder Alexis. This will be the first time he's a ZL and so we are gonna work uber-hard! He was trained by Elder Johns (who I love) and I've been good friends with Elder Alexis because of meetings and conferences and what not. So I enjoy it a lot. I'm super happy and excited for this transfer! Thank you for the package! I loved it! I was just mentioning the day before it came to Elder Jensen that I'd love some pizza rolls. And BOOM! There they were. But thank you! Love you all!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Little results but happy!

We had a TON of fun at the Seaquarium. We're planning on going to get pedicures next week (much needed). So I hope I have enough for it. We went over to a members house to eat dinner, and these members are the BEST! The wife is a improv comedian (think Who's Line Is It Anyway?) and the husband is in medical school specializing in orthopedics on feet and ankles. Anyways, the way they are raising their children is exactly how I want to! With humor (lots of humor) and love. But there's no way you could do that with out being married to your best friend and someone that you're willing to fix stuff with. Honestly that's about all that happened this week too. We've been working our butts off. And seeing very little results. I didn't even record this week it was so boring and hard. But I loved it! And I'm still really happy. So that's how I know I'm doing good. But thank you! And I love you all!