Monday, August 15, 2016

No Time!

Our week was not so good. It was great in the fact that we've set up some really solid plans for the zone for the transfer and got a ton of baptismal interviews done, but it was bad in the fact that all of our time was gone and we had little to no time to find and teach for ourselves. I understand sacrifice though. There are definitely some great miracles out there waiting for us because of the diligence we have to our zone and our area. So pray for us! Elder Alexis is from Michigan! Like Ann Arbor area. So we talk a lot about the Tigers, Red Wings and the Wolverines. It's going well too! We both feel like we can handle this whole new Zone Leader as long as we keep the Lord involved. I am so bad at this whole picture and recording thing too. I have nothing! I've been continuing to see the blessings of diligence and keeping the commandments. I'm so happy! All the time! It makes no sense! We have great ideas and it's the best! But thank you for everything! I love it here and I'm scared how fast it's going! GAH! 

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