Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Temple Day!

We are having tons of fun! And we definitely feel like we're doing our best to lead well and have others look up to us. It's so hard sometimes! This area is a rough one, but we are so glad to be in it with our nose to the grind stone. Or however that saying goes. This week was a blast for us. It went by slow, but we found tons of people to teach this week. Most of them already fell off, but our miracle family this week is Mirlande and Erica. They're an Americanized Haitian family. The mom and daughter are super interested and the Dad is quite rude. But he doesn't care that they come to church and meet with us. As we were teaching the restoration we asked if she had ever had the question "Which of all the churches is the same on that Jesus Christ established?" She said she'd been wondering that so much that she even took a class about it! And she ended up being even more confused! So, she knows now and has a baptismal date with Erica for the 11th. Pray for them! It's such a great experience watching the Spirit testify of things to them. When Mirlande hears something that answers her questions, she looks at you dumb struck, and then says, "OHHHHH, that makes SO much sense!" It's so amazing. We love it! We have a quick and fun week lined up for this week though. Tuesday AP Elder Johns will be on exchanges with me in Miami, then Thursday we have a boss meal appointment, Friday is Mission Leadership Council, and Saturday is Julia Santos and Lehi's sealing in the temple! GAH!!! First sealing ever witnessed. And it's in Portuguese! GAH!!! I have been terrible, once again, at recording. But we took some pictures. Love you all! 

These pictures we used for our zone activity invitation. It's called Wackbat Wars. Ya know, like on Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

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