Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Staying Put!

This week was a good for us. And really quick too! We had tons of fun and saw lots of great little miracles. But being the great person I am, I forgot my recorder....so. I'll just talk a little bit about last night cause that was crazy. Anyways, we start knocking doors. Like 15 minutes in we meet this Venezuelan lady. She acts like she knows us, pulls some chairs outside and says she'll be right back after she brushes her teeth. Anyways, we talk to her, part of her family are members, and she's crazy! She tells us this hour long story about her life and all this junk. She has a pretty messed up life as is, but she really wants Christ in her life and wants to change. She has stuff that she likes to do and feels bad doing it but she wants to stop cause she knows Christ doesn't want her too. So that was weird last night. There are more details, but we will leave those for some other day. Last night was also transfer calls! Elder Jensen is obviously going home. Which is sad, we've had tons of fun together and learned a lot and grown a lot too! But I will be staying in Miami Beach again (which I'm pumped). And I'll be getting Elder Alexis. This will be the first time he's a ZL and so we are gonna work uber-hard! He was trained by Elder Johns (who I love) and I've been good friends with Elder Alexis because of meetings and conferences and what not. So I enjoy it a lot. I'm super happy and excited for this transfer! Thank you for the package! I loved it! I was just mentioning the day before it came to Elder Jensen that I'd love some pizza rolls. And BOOM! There they were. But thank you! Love you all!

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