Monday, November 30, 2015

Snapper Creek!

This week was super great! I got sent to the Snapper Creek YSA branch! It's like being back in Montana! There's like a maximum 30 people who come. But it's so awesome. Definitely not what I was expecting or anyone else for that matter. This branch has had sisters since 2010 when it was created. And we are the first elders ever! It's so much fun though. It's difficult finding just like in Boca Rio, but that just makes it so much more sweet when we do find someone who is interested. It's starting to "chill" off here a little bit. And I mean it gets to about 76. So yeah, kinda cold. I didn't eat too much. Our Thanksgiving appt was with a family where the dad is Argentinian and the Mom is Scottish. So it wasn't your average Thanksgiving. I can do it. No problem. I was thinking about what I'd like for Christmas. And I figured it out. Hahah money! Haha it's hard to be able to tell you exactly what pants/shoes/watch/extra junk I need, so it'd just be easier to go on a shopping spree. Thank you so much for the prayers love and support! I'm so happy to be able to be working by the Spirit and being able to progress and learn and grow each and every day! Love you lots!

Elder Pineda and Me in Snapper Creek YSA

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Ok, crazy small world. David Ennis served in Recife. There he baptized Leandro Silva. Leandro Silva then served a mission in Manaus. Elder Souza lives in Manaus. Leandro Silva then goes back to Recife and gets married to Karla Fagundes. Karla and Leandro then move to Florida where Karla gets baptized by me, who was taught by David Ennis in Primary (in Tupelo Mississippi). WHAT?!?!? INSANE!!


We had a zone conference this past week. It was super good. Talked a lot about the Sabbath day and how important it is for us and more important for our investigators. We also received transfer calls! And...............I'm getting transferred! After 6 months in Boca Rio East I'm finally getting taken out. But no worries, I'll definitely get to come back towards the end of my mission. That was the big highlight of the week. That and just being able to teach David, Henrique, and Will. They're like in there 20's and they're super hard to read when it comes to emotions. But they super cool and will probably get baptized on Sunday! But I won't be here :( but that's ok. No worries. I'm just super excited to be having more change! Change always makes time go faster and the work go better! So that's good. I'll be sure to include some pictures this week too! So from now on if you just could have people send letters and packages to the mission office that'd probably be easier. At least ‘til I know my new address.

P-day Hunger Games Paint Fight

Some yoga to finish off the night

My groupies

Monday, November 9, 2015

Good Week!

This week for us was good. Started off really slow and I got sick Friday and Saturday. I think it's scurvy. But that's just me. It was great though cause as Saturday and Sunday rolled around we saw lots of miracles happen and had a ton of new investigators come into our teaching pool. So that was super nice. Sadly for me, that's all I can remember. No real big event that happened that I can remember. We got to have lunch with our recent converts and it was just a good week all around.. I need to start writing down the really awesome stuff so that I can write out the experience for you. But I have pictures for you this week! But thank you for the love and support! And I love you all so much!

 Elder Riggs and I like to color in our free time. It's a great de-stresser.

We found a roof!

The "Twins" at Marleide's birthday party.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We had a super good week! We had two baptisms!! Woohoo! So great!! We had Aline and Karla! I think I talked a little bit about Karla last week, but if not, I'll share her story again. So Karla was Catholic and got married to a RM from Brazil who served in Manaus. Anyways, they got married in her Catholic church, but Leandro (her husband) always said he knew she'd get baptized eventually. Anyways, they've been married for about 5-8 years or so. I can't remember. But he's never been pushy with her or anything about church. He actually stopped going to church for a while when they still lived in Brazil. So they had to move to Florida because of some family issues. They also had been trying to have a baby. As soon as they moved to Florida, she got pregnant, he started going back to church, the missionaries came by, but one thing was still missing, the peace with her family. So we start teaching her. She says she'll be baptized when she receives an answer but won't accept a date. Anyways, long story short, SHE GETS AN ANSWER! IT WAS SO AMAZING! I actually missed it when she said she wanted to be baptized, so I sat there the whole lesson trying to figure out what to say cause I didnt' know if she said she wanted to be baptized or not! Her answer came though through her mom! Which was her biggest issue with being baptized. Her mom is hardcore catholic and wanted the baby to be born and baptized right away. Karla got her answer because her mom was talking to her about how her family is coming back together and being peaceful and being happy again. And then her mom says, whatever you do with you family and choices you make, I'll always love you. Boom. Baptized! Soooo cool. We love her. That was the highlight of the week for sure. Now we just have to work hard and find people to teach. We have literally no one right now. But that's it! Love you!

This picture is Karla, Leandro, and Us. Such a cute lady.

And this is Aline with one of our members who helps us out A TON! Marleide is her name.

Sister Haws and Sister Peel had a baptism this week as well. So we took a pic all together.