Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We had a super good week! We had two baptisms!! Woohoo! So great!! We had Aline and Karla! I think I talked a little bit about Karla last week, but if not, I'll share her story again. So Karla was Catholic and got married to a RM from Brazil who served in Manaus. Anyways, they got married in her Catholic church, but Leandro (her husband) always said he knew she'd get baptized eventually. Anyways, they've been married for about 5-8 years or so. I can't remember. But he's never been pushy with her or anything about church. He actually stopped going to church for a while when they still lived in Brazil. So they had to move to Florida because of some family issues. They also had been trying to have a baby. As soon as they moved to Florida, she got pregnant, he started going back to church, the missionaries came by, but one thing was still missing, the peace with her family. So we start teaching her. She says she'll be baptized when she receives an answer but won't accept a date. Anyways, long story short, SHE GETS AN ANSWER! IT WAS SO AMAZING! I actually missed it when she said she wanted to be baptized, so I sat there the whole lesson trying to figure out what to say cause I didnt' know if she said she wanted to be baptized or not! Her answer came though through her mom! Which was her biggest issue with being baptized. Her mom is hardcore catholic and wanted the baby to be born and baptized right away. Karla got her answer because her mom was talking to her about how her family is coming back together and being peaceful and being happy again. And then her mom says, whatever you do with you family and choices you make, I'll always love you. Boom. Baptized! Soooo cool. We love her. That was the highlight of the week for sure. Now we just have to work hard and find people to teach. We have literally no one right now. But that's it! Love you!

This picture is Karla, Leandro, and Us. Such a cute lady.

And this is Aline with one of our members who helps us out A TON! Marleide is her name.

Sister Haws and Sister Peel had a baptism this week as well. So we took a pic all together.

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