Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Can't Remember!

I really wish I could remember what happened this week. I know we had a crazy day when Elder Souza's bike tire exploded. But other than that not too much I can remember. Sorry! I'm terrible! I did receive a package this week! Thank you so much! I loved it! Always so great to get packages. And I also have been really bad at taking pictures too :( Sorry! But I'll send what good ones I do have. I guess I can remember one good thing from this week. We had splits on Wednesday and I had to teach the Plan of Salvation by myself. It's a really different lesson because it talks a lot about doctrine. And it's just a long lesson. Anyways, I left there feeling ok about the lesson, but feeling we'd probably have to teach it again. But then we came back the next day to follow up with Elder Souza and she completely remembered and understood everything! So, we didn't have any baptisms this week, but we have one planned for the 1st and hopefully another for the 8th. We will see what happens though! Love you and thank you!

ADDED from audio:

And then we taught Cala, the one lady whose husband was a returned missionary that kind of fell away from the church. He said tonight that he might not have come to church for a while but he’s never (what’s the word in English) he’s never (people it's real, I think I’ve forgot how to speak English) Negar is the word. Negar, negar. Give me a second. Give me a second. I’m looking it up here in this dictionary. Deny. That’s the word. He would never deny his testimony and his mission. He’s coming back strong to the church and that’s going to help her a ton.

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