Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Rejuvenation!

Conference was amazing. It was a great time for us to relax physically and be rejuvenated spiritually as well. I'll definitely be re-reading all of the talks. I do eat a lot, but I'll have you know I work out and run quite a bit too. And yes my clothing still fits. I'll do my best to continue to send a weekly letter. Though when I record, I kind of let it slip out of my mind cause of everything else that needs to be in there. But I'll try my best. Last P-day we ended a little early because we had a lesson marked at 5. Though that lesson didn't go as well, we had another set up for right after. We went to this next lesson and she was all dressed up, all fancy. The table was set for dinner and everything. So we shared a message, which went AMAZING and then she fed us. Double win. We haven't been able to meet with her since, and we think it's because of her husband. We don't have her phone number, only his, so it's hard to see how she is actually doing. We think he might be sabotaging us. I hope not. I'll continue to send pictures as always. Love you all and thanks for the love!

PS He did say he missed out on not having Conference Crunch to help keep him awake :) Especially as he watched Sunday afternoon session in Portuguese.

We found a fireman (and he plays the bagpipes)

The best pizza EVER!

Chicken Hearts - sometimes good, sometimes not

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