Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Not Portuguese. . . Yet!

Elder Santos is great. His English has really taken off! It's so cool to see his progress. My Portuguese vocabulary is extending! But I need to slow down sometimes to remember grammar rules. I'm not Brazilian quite yet! Haha Sister Haws is in Boca Raton. Not the Boca Rio Portuguese branch. It’s the exact same area but the English ward. So that picture is from transfers when we were picking up the new peoples bikes.  I’ve learned a lot about trials and personal battles this week. There's a reason our weakness are hard to overcome. If they weren't hard to overcome they wouldn't be our weaknesses now would they?! Haha Yeah I got a nice new pair of sneakers to work out and play in. They should last a long time. I'm going to continue to wear my other ones down to the ground too.  Carlotta is doing SO well. She loves the gospel and everything about it. She's been keeping the Word of Wisdom, reading and praying daily and everything! It's the best. The only set back with her now is Sundays off for church. So Keep that in your prayers! I'm sorry I suck about talking about things that happen during the week, but that's why I have a journal and a voice recorder. But even then, I still suck haha. Love you all!

Fort Myers weather is crazy! 
I got the package. I also have a cool letter opener!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Brazilian Companion!

The new apartment is crammed. But it's fun. The new Elders are great! One is a little immature, but it's natural to be that when you're 18. Training is great. I got so lucky. Elder Santos is from Brazil! He speaks a little English and he has already served in Brazil 6 months! So pretty much I'm just training language. Which is a blessing. Things are going better. We have Carlotta who should be getting baptized here in the next few weeks. Her testimony is incredible and now she just needs to get Sundays off so she can continue to come to church. 

This week was so good though. We had lots of fun and met lots of cool people. Carlotta is absolutely loving the Book of Mormon. The other morning she was up until 2 reading it! WUT?! We found some other cool people and even some Brazilians. So we're working hard to find people and loving the work.

This is the only photo I have with Elder Santos. 
Sister Haws is also training a Brazilian who did the same thing as Elder Santos.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Staying Put!

This week for me was crazy. We didn't get to work nearly as much as we wanted to. Monday was P-day which we actually got to go work. We found Carlotta! She's so awesome and wants to be baptized SO bad. She's been studying the Book of Mormon like crazy since we shared it with her. She works on Sunday but we saw a miracle and she's coming to church this Sunday! So keep her in you prayers. The rest of week we pretty much moved around and helped others do moves before transfers. But guess what?! Transfer calls was last night and...............I'm staying in Fort Myers! And I'm training! So that'll be lots of fun. My new address though (since we moved houses) is 3850 Central Ave #202, Fort Myers, FL 33901. I don't know my new companion yet, but rumor has it he's a Brazilian! Woo hoo!! The biggest miracle we've been able to see this week is Carlotta. We've been struggling to find people to teach that have a true desire. And finally we found Carlotta. She has an 8 year old son and a mother that we're gonna try to work with too! But other than that not too much happened this week. Love you and thanks for the prayers! I need it!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Another Wild Week!

This week was wild in our area as well. Monday night we went to a less-actives who had their child taken from them by the government, then taught Kevin and his family and then a blessing. Wednesday I was with Elder Murat on exchanges and so we biked a lot, knocked some doors, ate some Brazilian food (thank goodness) and then went and knocked some more. Wednesday we knocked all day and did a baptismal interview. Thursday we went on exchanges with Elder Coburn into his area. Friday we did a funeral with Patriarch Robinson. Saturday was the Cape Coral Sister's baptism and then we knocked in their area for like 3 hours. So it was a crazy week. Literally never stopped. And we didn't get as much time as we wanted to in our area to find or teach. But we got to serve a lot of people and for that we're happy. I've been reading in Jacob lately. I always love the allegory of the olive tree. It's one of my favorites. I've got some good plans for the summer after the mission. So prepare yourself :)

We rode in a TESLA! Dad needs one. Definitely on his tech level.

The sunsets are usually stunning.

This is a homie Pat. He's the big man on the block.