Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Not Portuguese. . . Yet!

Elder Santos is great. His English has really taken off! It's so cool to see his progress. My Portuguese vocabulary is extending! But I need to slow down sometimes to remember grammar rules. I'm not Brazilian quite yet! Haha Sister Haws is in Boca Raton. Not the Boca Rio Portuguese branch. It’s the exact same area but the English ward. So that picture is from transfers when we were picking up the new peoples bikes.  I’ve learned a lot about trials and personal battles this week. There's a reason our weakness are hard to overcome. If they weren't hard to overcome they wouldn't be our weaknesses now would they?! Haha Yeah I got a nice new pair of sneakers to work out and play in. They should last a long time. I'm going to continue to wear my other ones down to the ground too.  Carlotta is doing SO well. She loves the gospel and everything about it. She's been keeping the Word of Wisdom, reading and praying daily and everything! It's the best. The only set back with her now is Sundays off for church. So Keep that in your prayers! I'm sorry I suck about talking about things that happen during the week, but that's why I have a journal and a voice recorder. But even then, I still suck haha. Love you all!

Fort Myers weather is crazy! 
I got the package. I also have a cool letter opener!

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