Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Staying Put!

This week for me was crazy. We didn't get to work nearly as much as we wanted to. Monday was P-day which we actually got to go work. We found Carlotta! She's so awesome and wants to be baptized SO bad. She's been studying the Book of Mormon like crazy since we shared it with her. She works on Sunday but we saw a miracle and she's coming to church this Sunday! So keep her in you prayers. The rest of week we pretty much moved around and helped others do moves before transfers. But guess what?! Transfer calls was last night and...............I'm staying in Fort Myers! And I'm training! So that'll be lots of fun. My new address though (since we moved houses) is 3850 Central Ave #202, Fort Myers, FL 33901. I don't know my new companion yet, but rumor has it he's a Brazilian! Woo hoo!! The biggest miracle we've been able to see this week is Carlotta. We've been struggling to find people to teach that have a true desire. And finally we found Carlotta. She has an 8 year old son and a mother that we're gonna try to work with too! But other than that not too much happened this week. Love you and thanks for the prayers! I need it!

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