Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Transfer Week!

This week for us not too much crazy happened. We had two exchanges this week. One with the Zone leaders and one with Camino Gardens. Not too much crazy happened though. Maybe something did, but I just can't remember. If it did I recorded it. OK! So transfers! I'll be staying again! So my address is the same! Woohoo! But I won't be training. Which is a relief and not. But it's gonna be awesome. I don't know who my new companion will be yet. It could be another Brazilian or an American who came a few transfers after me. So we will find out on Wednesday! Sister Jeppson and Sister Montague are also leaving our district. But everyone else is staying. We also don't know who the new District Leader will be. So that's some good suspense. Sorry I can't remember what happened this week! Ope, just remembered. After a few months of wanting to teach Caliane's mom, we finally got to! She's so excited to find out for sure if this gospel will change her life! It was such a good lesson too! Alright, well, I'll attach pictures and explanations as well as some recordings! Love ya'll!

Elder Narezzi's last day with the Ferraz family

Sister Haw's sister sent a picture of all of us with our faces put onto Avengers bodies. So we did our best to re-enact it. We made the same faces as in the picture.

We had a "Halloween Party" last P-day with the Zone. I was a soccer player and a judge for the runway show and the pumpkin carving contest. Sister Rianda is the cow and Sister Jackson is Wonder Woman.

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