Monday, November 30, 2015

Snapper Creek!

This week was super great! I got sent to the Snapper Creek YSA branch! It's like being back in Montana! There's like a maximum 30 people who come. But it's so awesome. Definitely not what I was expecting or anyone else for that matter. This branch has had sisters since 2010 when it was created. And we are the first elders ever! It's so much fun though. It's difficult finding just like in Boca Rio, but that just makes it so much more sweet when we do find someone who is interested. It's starting to "chill" off here a little bit. And I mean it gets to about 76. So yeah, kinda cold. I didn't eat too much. Our Thanksgiving appt was with a family where the dad is Argentinian and the Mom is Scottish. So it wasn't your average Thanksgiving. I can do it. No problem. I was thinking about what I'd like for Christmas. And I figured it out. Hahah money! Haha it's hard to be able to tell you exactly what pants/shoes/watch/extra junk I need, so it'd just be easier to go on a shopping spree. Thank you so much for the prayers love and support! I'm so happy to be able to be working by the Spirit and being able to progress and learn and grow each and every day! Love you lots!

Elder Pineda and Me in Snapper Creek YSA

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