Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We had a zone conference this past week. It was super good. Talked a lot about the Sabbath day and how important it is for us and more important for our investigators. We also received transfer calls! And...............I'm getting transferred! After 6 months in Boca Rio East I'm finally getting taken out. But no worries, I'll definitely get to come back towards the end of my mission. That was the big highlight of the week. That and just being able to teach David, Henrique, and Will. They're like in there 20's and they're super hard to read when it comes to emotions. But they super cool and will probably get baptized on Sunday! But I won't be here :( but that's ok. No worries. I'm just super excited to be having more change! Change always makes time go faster and the work go better! So that's good. I'll be sure to include some pictures this week too! So from now on if you just could have people send letters and packages to the mission office that'd probably be easier. At least ‘til I know my new address.

P-day Hunger Games Paint Fight

Some yoga to finish off the night

My groupies

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