Monday, August 22, 2016


Ah man. Adornetto's.....that sounds so good. I might even be down for a salad there. You heard me. Salad. I've taken a liking to it. I'm a changin man! Hopefully. We have two sisters in our zone singing the words from a sacrament hymn to the tune of Abide with me tis eventide. Or maybe it's vice versa. I'm excited to hear the finished product. As for us this week we had a great zone training! Usually President Richardson gives us the training, and then the ZL's give it out to the zone. But this time we had to make our own! Kind of scary but it went OH SO GOOD! We had a little bit of revelation one night and it was also revolutionary for the zone and maybe mission. So we call it "revelationary." Clever right? Anyways, the zone training was a huge hit. Lots of laughing and the Spirit was SO strong. So we know everyone is converted to it, but now we just need them  to go find people to teach! We talked in the zone training about being quality missionaries in our contacts, teaching, who teach etc. because we know our purpose and because we have real intent. It was awesome. We even had a rap battle! (Of course I attached it). The rest of the week was spent finding people who quickly fall away. We've seen lots and lots of people accept baptism and the restoration, but then we lose them and they ignore us. It's the worst. But we're having fun and doing so good! I love Elder Alexis! He's been one of my favorite companions so far! And he's from Michigan. So that helps. Go Blue! Love you all!

Elder Thorderson and Elder Alexis

Bonesaw Zone

Getting a much needed pedicure with Elder Jensen!

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