Monday, January 11, 2016

New Area!

I just now realize how little I actually know how to do missionary work. It's crazy. Also have no idea how to help and teach other missionaries. It's humbling that's for sure. I've got some pretty crazy sisters in my district, so that's a challenge. But hey, the Lord knows I can handle it. This week has been a real crazy one. The work is super good! I just came into an area that the last missionaries wrecked. My companion was a greeny in house full of dying missionaries, so he literally had no control. The other missionaries were so bad too. Like they were more of glorified home teachers rather than missionaries. They did do work, but not the kind of work we need to be doing as harvesters of the prepared. And they were slobs and lazy. It's sad. But we bout to do work! We've started biking a lot too. So my butt hurts. But I come home exhausted every night. So that's a blessing. Not much else to report besides the new area and new companion.

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