Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Transfered again!

It's been rather chilly. Like 70's...ha. So our baptism....is not happening :( She didn't make it to church this Sunday and is getting a little bit of cold feet, But that's ok. She just needs to remember to read and she'll be ok! Because that's how she's going to feel the Spirit when we're gone. Which is interesting. Cause I'm gone! We got transfer calls last night and I'm getting transferred! I'm going up to Coral Springs, which is right north of Fort Laud. So that's fun. And I've been called as a district leader. No idea how to do that. But I guess I better figure it out. I forgot the recordings, but I'll send them later today. Sorry :/ This week we went down to Key West! It's in our area and we decided to go visit some of our members that live there. It was super fun. Way too touristy of a vacation spot for me though. Bahamas is way better. Love you guys a lot! Thanks for everything! I'll be sure to send my new address when I get it.

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