Monday, June 15, 2015

Arrived in the Mission Field!

Alright so I'll give you an update first. So here I am. In Boca Raton, Florida. In the only Portuguese branch in the mission. So awesome. I explained a little bit about the first few days in my letter I sent y’all, but I'll say it again. First off, just so mom can jump for joy, I ate salad. Yes I ate salad. Don't freak out though, it won't become a habit. My companion is Elder Naressi. From Washington but raised in Brazil. So it's nice having a native speaker as my first companion. It's hard at times when I'm at home studying or getting ready for bed to not think about Aspen and the lake and Family and Chelsy, but I know it's a blessing that while I'm working and talking with investigators that I don't ever think about home. Next. Let's talk about Brazilian food. WHAT?! If you could describe me with food, it's Brazilian food. Meat and bread and rice and beans. Perfect. They eat rice and beans like Americans eat mashed potatoes, they go with everything. I love it here though, yeah it's hot, but it's as hot as it was in California. Plus people give us water all the time. The language is coming. I have an easier time talking with people just normal conversations than teaching. I'm trying hard though. Our area is huge. Like, massive. So we have a car which is nice in this heat. Also, I hope y'all still will love me when I'm fat, cause we eat free McDonalds in Palm Beach. Yeah that's right. Free MacDre's. Also, there's an endless supply of guarana. So that's what's up. The rumor is if you drink 9 cans a day you'll learn Portuguese faster. I'd say it's worth a shot. So guess what?! We had two baptisms this week! And you'll never guess who did the confirming? Not me. Elder Soares of the Seventy! He came and spoke in our branch on Sunday. So cool. So the man is Andrew. Super elect and has a girlfriend who got baptized a couple years ago. And the other is Patricia! A friend of Andrew and Andrew's girlfriend Ingrid! What a great way to start a mission! With a taste of success! I also figured out it's hard to focus when you're tired. Your mind wanders a bit more. It'll definitely take me a little while to be more focused when I'm tired. But that's it for the week! P-days are most often Mondays with the occasional Tuesday because of holidays. If you want to send packages, send by USPS Priority Mail because it's easier to forward the package and it'll make sure the package actually gets to me :) I love you all and thank you for the Support! I'll talk to you next week!

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