Monday, January 9, 2017

A Baptism!

Santana is doing great! She actually got baptized this Sunday! So exciting! It was such a miracle we found her too. Super fun. The majority of the week was spent teaching her and helping her progress. Her roommate is cool and nice, but doesn't really want to come to church or progress towards baptism at the moment. All she really wants to do is get me...... Ummmmm hahah super funny when she asked me to marry her. But it was a great week! My recent convert Caliane moved back to Brasil today too :( so that was sad saying goodbye, but she gave a super strong testimony. Jamie Gange just got baptized this week! So exciting!

It's been super hard during some days! But I've always told myself I'm going to finish strong and not be that one missionary who everyone talks about who didn't finish. So I'm loving this life! I'm gonna miss it a ton! I've been super blessed! I was talking with Quinn today and she was asking about what blessings my family has seen from me being on a mission. And to be honest, I had no idea how to answer her! Haha So now I'm gonna ask you and dad and Britta and everyone. What blessings have you seen during these last two years? Thanks for everything! Love you all!

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