Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July!

No fireworks?! That's absurd! It almost sounds like my 4th was better. We had a ward breakfast thing and then we had to come in early that night because of parties and alcohol and all that jazz. One of the other elders I live with has all of our pictures. But we got a BBQ from one of the members with some marinated chicken and guarana! And one elder had kites, so we climbed up on the roof and flew kites! And then we watched the fireworks from the whole south Florida since it's flat enough to do that. It was pretty fun. I'll make sure to send pictures. I was wondering if you could send me my Havainas? I can’t be a true Portuguese missionary without them apparently. 

Thanks for that package by the way! I loved it! I was just telling the elders I live with that I needed a red tie, and boom. There it was. But as for the rest of my week we've had a pretty slow one when it comes to finding and teaching. All of our investigators we either had to drop or just got baptized. We try to find as we teach but it's difficult. So we try to find a lot right now. But, the language continues to come and go. I do my best to pay attention to what I did that day to make it come a little better, but there seems to be no consistency. I was wondering if people could write me letters with their best finding ideas as well as their favorite object lessons. I really want to save up some good ideas for if I ever have to do a district training. I'll try to keep everyone updated the best I can as the work progresses! As for who to pray for just pray for me! Haha jk, but definitely pray for the people of south Florida. They are all such good people but aren't quite to the point where they see the need of baptism by the proper authority. They know baptism is good, and church is good, but not that the priesthood, that same priesthood that Christ and his apostles had is so, so very important. I love you all and thank you for the support!

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