Monday, July 20, 2015

Staying in Boca!

Girls Camp sounds like a blast. Never got to go, which I'm sure was for a reason. I like that story about the Battle of Bunker Hill. That's how it is right now. We might be losing the battle of finding right now, but since we know we're under great direction, we know we will win the war. I heard about Jordan Jones, Matthew Westcott emailed me the other week about it. Twin Falls will be so cool! I'm still waiting for letters! As for this week, it's been good. It was super hard because we still have no investigators and we spend a lot of time finding. We didn't have P-day on Monday this week because we have transfers this week. And I'm staying in Boca with Elder Naressi. Super excited to be staying in this branch and this area. Although I'm ready to have more responsibility. At least I think I am. I like having something else to be doing. But, I'll take what the Lord gives me. So, here I am in Boca and I'll be here for a while! Don't have any pictures or any fun stories this week. Sorry I'm a little lame! Ha. Although I heard the family reunion will be in Montana again. Of course. Of course I'd miss two family reunions in a row. And of course both of them would be in Montana. But, I'm excited to be here. Love you all!

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