Monday, August 10, 2015


I'm doing great! Language is here! And sometimes not. I understand a lot and I've been speaking a lot more with members and non members. So that's always great to have. After a few long weeks of no solid investigators we finally have two! It's a weird set of people but they're amazing. We are teaching Ruth and Eduardo. Ruth is about a 60 year old lady and Eduardo is 42. They happened to meet in the street because Eduardo was injured, out of work, and needed a place to sleep. So Ruth, being the Saint that she is, is letting him sleep in her room for a while. So here's where the miracles play in. Ruth, has read the entire Gospel Library. And believes it all. The only reason she isn't baptized is because she's never been able to find the missionaries. Until now. We found her more than a month ago. Tried to teach her, but lost contact. About a week ago she called us and wanted us to come over. We taught her and she wants to be baptized SO bad. Not only that, she's already doing more member work than lot's of American wards do. She's brought at least two friends to every lesson, and one, being Eduardo, has the craziest desire to be baptized as well. He's had really bad experiences with churches but came to church yesterday and he told us the Spirit was talking to him and that he knew he needed to be in this church. So Ruth and Eduardo are our miracles for this month! Not only that, when we taught the Word of Wisdom, I asked if I could take his coffee from him. He gave me two full giant cans of his coffee and then told me how much he liked me and how much we liked to help. Such a good week. A quick one for sure. And you'd never believe it. I have some pictures for y'all. But I'll send them in separate emails. Love you all! Thanks for the prayers!

A few members of the ward had a birthday party on the same day as Elder Naressi's birthday. 
Lots of non-members there too.

I found Zion. Mission: Complete. Jokes, it's a Lutheran High School.

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