Monday, August 24, 2015

Milk before Meat!

I heard about Soren and saw the pictures too! Such a cutie! I also heard the story about Brinton in the airport! Such a blessing that James works pretty close. But I'm glad he's home. He's probably already gone to a concert and climbing rock walls. I wish I could've heard his talk. Often times missionary's only share stories with no doctrine. So, it's good it was a great talk. And hello to Santa! For Christmas I want everyone to realize the importance of the Book of Mormon! Haha And I really wish I could've been there for spudnuts, but I know you guys don't eat nearly as good as I do. I've put on about 10 lbs, but that's normal I think. I didn't eat 3 meals a day everyday at school. So it's normal that I eat more and have less time to workout I put on weight. But the food is oh so good. This week I got pretty sick. We've been told daily to drink water and I've been doing that, pounding the juice and gatorade and everything, but not having enough of that mixed with some bad food I think I ate, I ended up being in lots of pain and discomfort from Wednesday and I'm still pretty sick today but there's work to be done everyday. So I do my best to go out and teach and knock without dying. So, a few weeks ago I talked about Ruth and Eduardo. Ruth is amazing. So amazing. Her testimony impresses me and her faith is pretty close to the brother of Jared haha But Eduardo. Well, craziest story happened. You're gonna freak out. So, he was doing well. Not keeping all his commitments but still slowly progressing. Ruth was reading with him and sharing her testimony everyday. So, we had splits on Tuesday with the ZL's and they don't speak Portuguese so I was on my own. We get to their house to review the baptismal interview questions, talk about the Sabbath day and the 10 commandments. The lesson was AMAZING. Like, the best lesson I've ever given. And the best lesson ever with Ruth and Eduardo. Eduardo had skipped work that day to help his leg heal. Turns out that whole day before we got there that he had been reading the Book of Mormon and Teachings of President Benson! And praying! So we get there, the lesson goes AMAZING. He was so happy, the Spirit was there. So good. We really connected. Like, I can't stress enough how great this lesson was for everyone. He accepted baptism again on the 30th and everything. I leave absolutely amazed. So, I wake up the next morning. I receive a text from Ruth saying, "Eduardo is violent, angry and uncontrollable. He's been watching videos and reading bad things about the church." Turns out, because he had such a great lesson, he actually was interested! So he did research, like anyone would do. But he did it in the wrong places. So, then he goes off on a 3-4 day rampage watching anti-videos, making Ruth watch them too, calling anti-churches in Utah and trying to move out there to join there church because now he hates the church. He told us he's never felt the Spirit, which is a lie. He's been lying to us the whole time. Ruth told us the other night too, that he had a dream where the "Spirit" came down and told him the church was false and to preach against the church and to do everything he can to stop it. It's pretty much your classic Korihor story. So that's where Eduardo is right now. Still living with Ruth, who through all this, still has the most amazing faith and testimony. She was a little shaken, but she's so much better now. And she still wants to get baptized. The only miracle we think we need is for Eduardo to leave the house. But maybe God has other plans for him. That was a real trial this week. The only thing I can say is that there's a reason we are given milk before we are given meat. There is a time and a purpose for everything to be made known to us. It's super sad that this had to happen. Anyways, I love you all, thanks for the support and keep the letters coming! Haha Transfers are next week though so make sure until next time I email that they get sent to the mission office :) Thanks y'all!

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