Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Journal Recording!

Well, I have all of this week recorded for you. I don't know if you'll like it better, but I certainly do. It's so nice being able to remember each day at the end of the day, because when I get to the end of the week, I can't remember any of it. (So the recordings won't work because they record in a format that take a bajillion Mbs. But I'll try to fix it this week and send them in a smaller size and different format. Still love you!)

I've been doing better with pictures as well. I drew up this game we are going to start as a district so that everyone has more pictures to send home. It's sort of a Missionary Scavenger hunt. It'll be fun. But I love you and pray that we can find investigators!

Pic #1 - Sister Haws is one of the other Portuguese Missionary's. We had a zone P-Day where we played games and we both won the prizes. Turns out she's my long lost twin, both in looks and in mind. Cause honestly we have the same ideas at the same moments alllllll the time. Our district's so great.

Pic #2 - Our district at the zone p-day activity. Between the 4 companionship's, we had ​to eat a tray of jello, chug a liter of mtn dew and ice cream, eat four clif bars with no water, and then chug a gallon of water. As you can see, two of the sisters ducked out early. So I ended up chugging the mtn dew, eating 2 clif bars, and then chuggin half a gallon of water. I felt great.......

Pic #3 - All the Boca Rio Branch Portuguese Missionaries.

Pic #4 - One guy we knocked into wanted to take our picture. So we let him. He then wanted our email address so we can get the picture. So here it is.

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