Monday, September 21, 2015

Recordings Worked!

That's so awesome you got to share the message of the Book of Mormon with him! Nice work! Even though you didn't get to leave a Book of Mormon or a pass-along card you definitely planted a good seed. You should start keeping pass-a-long cards in your purse. Just ask the missionaries to get you some. They'd love that. So I got the audio to work. It's just a whole lot easier for me. Especially since we don't get a lot of time every night to write in our journals. And I literally forget about the whole week by the time Monday rolls around again. I'll be sure to attach some pictures this week and hopefully you enjoy the recordings! Love you all so much! Thanks for all the letters and packages from you and Papa and everyone! The only person we can turn to for true and everlasting help is the Savior. I really do enjoy this district. I've heard from multiple missionaries that this one is the best they've been in so far. So that makes me happy. Literally every meal appointment or meeting or something, someone always points out that we (Sister Haws and I) look the same. Too funny. Love you tons!

Our recent convert, Andrew, got married this past week.

One of the scavenger hunt pictures is to catch a stray cat. So we did.

PS from Tera: I will try to transcribe the audio files. They contain great stories of the day to day events of this awesome missionary!

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