Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Transfered to Ft Myers!

This week was pretty weird. It went by quickly yet seemed to take forever. It was a good week. I wish it would've have been a little more productive on my part, but it was difficult with conference and transfers coming up. Sadly our baptism didn't happen this week. She and her aunt are still searching for their answers. I'm more than ok with delaying someone's baptism if that means that they will have a more solid conversion. The mission a few years ago had a problem with baptizing people before they were ready, but now there's a focus on true conversion. I've told myself I'll do the best I can to help those people I teach have a true conversion. Of course to a point there's only so much I can do. Whether they choose to stay active or not is up to them!

We did receive transfer calls last night though! I'm getting transferred! To Fort Myers. President Richardson says there are a lot of Brazilians there, so that's why I'm being sent. It'll be a blast. I'll be with Elder Briggs. Don't know him yet, but I'm sure he'll be great. He's only been out 2 transfers, so president says he'll need a good "greenie" breaking. I'm sad to be leaving the investigators behind, but I've always liked change. So that's a blessing. 

I'll be sending some boxes home with comic books in them. One of the members down in Miami gave them too me and I don't want to tote them around, so I'm sending them home. Idk what I'll do with them, but I just don't want to have to lug them around. Anyways, love ya! Glad you're doing good! I loved conference too! They really threw down as us missionaries say. I loved it though. Probably one of the better conferences for me. Maybe it's a different atmosphere because of the missionary calling, but I like it. Have a good week!

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