Monday, July 11, 2016

Crazy Miami!

Miami is crazy! It's non-stop all the time. I'm exhausted. I've been doing really well though. I've been eating well, sleeping well, studying well. Everything seems to be going well. I know there's never enough we are doing though, so I'll be doing some introspection to see what I need to improve on. I'm excited to see pictures of Anders on skis! That's definitely something I miss being around the beach. Surfing, slalom, anything in the water really. It's hard, but hey! It'll just be so much more fun when I come home. As for how the work is going here, it's very slow. It's definitely a trial area. We've been having Rodrigo (the guy with the motorcycles) come to church consistently, but we have yet to have a new person at church for a few weeks. We received a training last Friday from President that'll help us out a lot. I'm definitely excited to be here and give this last quarter of the mission a huge push! Love you all! Thanks for everything!

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