Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This week has been....nuts. So, Tuesday we just hung out in Fort Myers and went to The Lodge. What a good place. We'll go eat there if we get back over to Fort Myers. But Wednesday is when the madness ensued. Miami is like no other place I've ever been. It's just a way different atmosphere. My companion I got at transfer meeting is Elder Jensen! I lived with him in the Coral Springs. Elder Jensen is from St. George and he's been zone leader for like 10 transfers. So, he know how to do work. Definitely an opportunity to learn from the best. Thursday was even crazier though! Because one Elder crashed a car the whole mission had to be on bicycles for the day. Which is very ineffective in our area, but we made it work. We've been finding lots of cool people to teach and have a great family we are teaching right now! His name is Rodrigo and his fiance is Laura and Rodrigo's daughter is Diana. All they need is for Rodrigo's divorce papers to go through and they're golden! UPDATE! UPDATE! Elder Thorderson ate and likes sushi. Yep, I had some tempura and a few of Elder Jensen's, and now I'm hooked! It's so great. I've got lots of great pictures from this weekend and there's so many good things coming to the Miami Beach Bonesaw zone! 

The temple was amazing. By far one of my favorite experiences so far. Poor Elder Jensen's Temple recommend expired the day before and so he didn't get to go in. So I just went in! It was so great. Karla came and visited us too! It was amazing to see her! And Joseph! Her little boy that was in her stomach when we baptized her. Lehi and Julia are the one's that actually went through though and they'll be getting sealed soon! So I'll get to go to that. So many tender mercies and miracles this week! Love you all!

Me, Lehi, Julia, Elder Mota, and Elder Salgado

Karla, Joseph and Me

Leaving Carlotta and her kids

Sushi, Yum!

As I said, Rodrigo is our investigator. Rodrigo lives on Miami Beach and has two motorcycles. As zone leaders we throw activities and what not. So we thought, let's get wild. Hawg wild. These our independence day photos that we took and our zone invitation for the activities

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