Monday, September 12, 2016

Same old, same old!

It's been the same old same old here. We did see a ton of faith and miracles this week from the zone though. That was a blessing. But we seem to be teaching a lot, having people understand what we say, and then still choose to not act or be committed. It's super sad. Oh well. I have a ton of pictures for you! And a recording we made this morning. I love you so much! Thank you for everything!

This was after an activity we did for our Zone Training. All about setting goals. Of course it was a blast just to see everyone get really messy. 

Me and Elder Walker caught cats and put them in some other missionaries bathroom. 

We invented our own version of Wackbat from "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and played it last P-day. It was HUGE. Everyone really loved it. We had tons of fun. We posed as the scenes from the movie during the Wackbat Match. Too much fun.

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