Monday, September 26, 2016


First off, we don't have much to report from this week. We had some great lessons with Natascia who is slowly progressing towards baptism, but she has A LOT of hurdles to get over. The great thing is we can already see the difference in her countenance as we teach her! It's all because of her desire too. It's so amazing to see what people will do once they believe that they need to be baptized into Christ's true church! So great! The other great thing from this week was transfers! I got paired up in Miami Beach English (same area) with Elder Bedke from Bakersfield, CA. It was sad to see Elder Alexis go, but I'm having a blast and already learning lots too. Can't ask for much more. As for conference this weekend, I'm so excited! We have such a great opportunity to learn and feel the Spirit and I love it on the mission. It's weird listening to conference with "mission ears." But it's uplifting and edifying for all us of. My next temple trip will be October 28th with Caliane, Andrew and Andrew's wife Ingrid! I'm super grateful for them! And then I'll go with Karla and her family 3 weeks after that. 

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