Monday, October 3, 2016


Conference was so great! I loved especially Elder Rasband's talk. But I also loved the talks calling us to repentance. Cause boy do we need it. And of course you have to love the call to do better missionary work as members too. We're excited to see the fruits that come from members being more involved. As for how the work went this week it was great! We have some great people we have found to teach and are continuing to teach! We got some great members to come out teaching with us and we even have people coming to church! It may not seem like we're having success because we haven't baptized in a while, but I know we're doing all we can. And I'm excited for that. I was thinking about how a big fruit I saw with Jensen and Alexis was just an overall happiness come into my life. Now, I still have that. But there's more! I have a legit desire to learn new things! Gospel related and not. I actually want to learn because I want to learn new things! Not take classes just to pass or fail, but to come out having the best knowledge possible on that subject. Too cool. Anyways, we have a good week ahead of us and a fun BBQ activity planned for the zone today. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! Love you and thank you! 

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