Monday, October 24, 2016

Great Week in Paradise?

This week was so great! Started off with a fun day of basketball and volleyball and soccer for P-day last week. Tons of fun! Most of Tuesday we spent locked up in "Paradise." That's what we named our car. Haha we were stuck all day in the car because of interviews with the mission president for other missionaries (which we have to attend) as well as baptismal interviews for investigators. Wednesday was awesome! Maria passed her baptismal interview and then we got to go to Bishop Stringham's home for an amazing lesson on Temples with him and his wife. It's so much fun watching Maria hear about restored truth because she can't hide the joy! She usually says "oh!" and covers her mouth. It's too great. Elder Bedke and I have made it a resolve as well to wake up at 6am instead of 6:30am so we can work out/study for longer in the mornings. The thing was that we were failing epicly at such a feat. So of course we created a game out of it. We set up an alarm clock outside of our room in the living room and as soon as it goes off in the morning we race to the alarm rules. The loser gets 5 karate chops to the stomach. It works. We are up SO quick every morning. Adrenaline spike and all. Met some crazy people this week too! Some of those were on exchanges with Elder Vancott, one of the APs. His parents were actually Brinton's mission presidents. We got free Chick-fil-a from some random lady while we were together too. Crazy right? The best part of the week was for sure Maria's baptism! The whole ward was there right after church and it was a great experience! I even got to wear an outdated baptismal onesie. She's the greatest. I'm super excited to watch her keep growing and learning.

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