Monday, October 10, 2016


This week was a party! Haha I know that sounds crazy but we had a blast! Of course the hurricane came and I'm sure all the parents were freaking out a little bit, but I just was so excited and had no worries! Anyways, they evacuated us out Wednesday morning to a house of missionaries in Hialeah and we stayed there until Friday morning! The most we got was a little rain and some wind. As Elder Alexis said to me in his email, I've biked through rain storms worse than what we got hit with. But I know that further up in Florida they got hit pretty hard. At least not in our mission though. So we're back to work and working hard! We're seeing tons of miracles though! The zone was still able to have a baptism this week even with everything crazy going on! We also found this lady on Saturday and she came right to church and is already super excited for her baptism! It's going so well! The weather here now is PERFECT. This is why people live in Florida. It's just so pleasant and bearable. We love it as missionaries. Thank you and love you! 

These were the living/fun conditions we were living under in the "Doral House."

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