Monday, October 17, 2016

Much Needed!

We had Zone training this week which was fire! Lots of fun. We got to teach Maria a lot this week too. She's so awesome! Her baptismal date is for the 30th, but it'll most likely be moved to this weekend. We also had interviews with President! Which was much needed. I love sitting down with President and just doing a quick reality check. And then we spent ALL DAY sitting in the car in traffic. It was the worst. Definitely got some good studying of the scriptures in this week too. Much much needed. I loved reading my patriarchal blessing too.! I'm just really glad I'm in Florida! The end is way too near! I hate it! Anyways, I love you and thanks for everything! I wish there was more I could do for y'all! Have a good week!

Zone Conference! We went with a cardigan theme.

Zone Inspiration


Extent of Hurricane Matthew Damage in Miami

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