Monday, November 21, 2016

Awesome Week!

We have absolutely no one in our teaching pool besides the Gange family right now, but they've been out of town for a while. So we're basically starting from ground zero. Which I feel like I've had to do most of my mission. But I'm ok with it. It's super fun to see relationships flourish and wards grow around the missionaries and the work. This week was awesome for us too! Karla went through the temple! She surprised us on P-day and said she was getting her endowments tomorrow! So Elder Salgado and I (another Brazilian) went down for the session. It was so great to see her there. I cannot explain to you the happiness I felt, and even more, the happiness you could see on her husbands face. It was absolutely worth all of the hard work. I have one picture that isn't super good, but Elder Souza is supposed to send me the rest of them. So you might get them next week. Truthfully the temple is the end goal. It's what makes all the other things we do as missionaries worth it. Thank you all for everything! Especially the prayers and the love!

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