Monday, November 14, 2016

Primary Program Week!

Hey! We had our Primary Program this week! It's always my favorite Sunday. Investigators always feel so great when they come. The new zone is different. It's a very different type of work up here and I'm still trying to figure it out. Everyone else up here is doing great though. They all want to find and baptize really badly! They did get his eagle project completed and it looked great! They're still doing great as a family. Very slowly progressing because they're so busy all the time. But that was a blessing. 

I'm officially accepted to Weber! Nice. You'll have to let me know how all the little details go. I don't really have a preference on which classes to take. I just to progress as quick and well as possible. I was also wondering if they had an volleyball classes I could take on the side as a fun class. Gotta love volleyball. Also, are there Portuguese classes up there? Again I don't want to be super distracted from what I really need to be studying, but I'd love to see what they have up there. 

This week was just another continuation of last week. More meetings. President has just changed his interview and meeting schedules, so we'll be meeting with President a whole lot more often. We spent a lot of the week trying to contact Part-member families and just trying to find new people to teach. It's been quite difficult adjusting to the time change and the location change! It's like I'm not even in Florida anymore. At least the Florida I'm used to. 

We did have a great lesson with the Gange family and the Bishop this week though. The Spirit was very strong and burning. I really hope they recognized it and understand why we come to teach them. It's such a blessing have people to teach who are willing to listen and act. We had a great day yesterday too! We didn't do this in Miami, but here the Zone Leaders meet with President Richardson and the Stake President and discuss the needs of the missionaries and the stake. It's quite cool to see such spiritually powerful men in action. Then we finished off yesterday visiting one member, which turned out to be the whole ward at his house for a party. It was a great eye opener/idea to send recent-converts and investigators there to be fellowshipped. Oh, and this guy lives on Jupiter Island and has a private beach and lives in the COOLEST BEACH HOUSE EVER. 

Anyways. It's been a long couple of weeks but I feel like this week will be a great one! Love you all and thank you for everything!

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