Monday, December 5, 2016


The Christmas devotional was fantastic. We got to watch it at a members home this year and it was so great to have a big ward family there and the spirit was super strong too. I loved it. We have a Christmas party this week, but I'm going to the temple with Andrew, Ingrid, and Caliane that day instead. So I'm a little bummed, but it's worth it. This week for us was weird though. I feel truly humbled by this area I'm in. I love the members and the work we've done. But we are struggling to even find people who will let us pray with them at their front doors. I think this is exactly what I need. We did have a good week though. Sadly no one came to church, but we had some good trainings from the assistants and are preparing an awesome training for our zone tomorrow. I'm sorry I don't have much to say today, we don't have many people we are working with that make it exciting. This week I went out to this super sketchy place though. You should google it. It's called Belle Glade. And it's neighbor city is South Bay. Pretty much this is the hood of hoods in the middle of nowhere. The missionaries have to be home an hour early because if they're out too late they get shot at. It's nuts. At the beginning of the week we were knocking a ton of doors. So we knocked this one guys door and he said "come in". Naturally your instincts make you walk right into his home. So I did. I have never gotten such a weird look from somebody. I asked if he was talking to me and of course he said no as his wife walked in the back door. So I just said "I'm just gonna leave" and he said "yeah that'd be for the best." Talk about awkward! Next story! So twice this week we came home and our garage door was open, which is sketch cause we always shut it. So naturally we walked in there with a machete I have hidden in the garage and just went from room to room swinging a machete around hoping no one is there trying to kill us. Let me tell ya. Florida is a sketchy place. That's all I got from this week. Love you all and thank you for everything! Oh, I was thinking for Christmas, we always love gift cards. Super simple. To places like Walmart or costco or simple places. And Sister Seipert told me how awesome you are (which of course I already knew). Love you tons! I hope your week is good! 

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