Monday, December 19, 2016

So excited!

I'm SO excited to be back in the branch! I love these people so much! Sadly Caliane is moving back to brazil in January :( but that's ok, cause we're gonna take a trip to Brasil in May for her sealing :) haha And then we'll go again for Andrew and Ingrid's sealing in September. My new companion is from Mesa, Arizona and he is of Mexican descent. So, right now it's a lot of spanish and portuguese being mixed. But he's trying super hard. And I'm praying for help cause I am STRESSED. My portuguese is coming back yeah. Conversation and joking around I'm pretty good at. Teaching though? Yikes, it's been a while. It'll take some time. Sounds like your week was as crazy as mine though. We were running around because of Christmas parties and sealings and trying to get to know some of the investigators and junk. So it's been nuts. AS of right now though we don't have any super solid investigators we are working, but we saw some prayers answered yesterday and we have a bunch of cool people to try this week. I'm pleading with the Lord to help us out. It's gonna be an interesting two transfers here. I'm excited to finish strong though. I love you tons! I'll send some great pictures from the temple! 

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