Monday, March 28, 2016


It's been a long but short week. It seems long cause it's 7 days! That's long! But somehow it always just seems to fly by. It's a blessing and a curse. Cause I hear the second year of your mission just goes SO much faster. It does sound like you got a lot done though. That's always been a blessing too. Though time flies, we truly get SO much done cause we wake up so early and don't go to bed til 10:30. So in that way we make effective every hour of the day. We're receiving our MSF tomorrow, so I shouldn't need to buy food on my personal flow anymore. But we are going to Play It Again Sports today, so who knows what goodies I'll find...muahhaha. This week was so much better. Elder Welch....well, we're working. I do my best to help him and teach him to be a better missionary but often times constructive feedback is read more by him as criticism and that he is doing something wrong. I think he struggles to understand the importance of those called as senior companions and other leaders. Often times simple tasks are asked of him by either myself or another leader and he either dreads doing it or tells little lies to get himself out of it or to make it appear as if he is never wrong or at fault. I do my best to love and lead him as well as my whole district. I truly want them all to trust me and be able to turn to me and the Lord for help. TATIANA GOT BAPTIZED THOUGH! After a crazy end to the week, which you'll hear about in the recording, she finally came to the baptism and got confirmed! Such a miracle and blessing. Now we just have to make sure her Grandma can continue to get work off! We have another baptism lined up for this Thursday too. Zanyah! Her and her sister made us Easter baskets, so you can say they're pretty cool. We also received our Heavenly Ham, and LOVED it. All the missionaries in the house say thank you! And me too of course. But I love you all and thanks for everything over the past few weeks!

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