Monday, March 14, 2016

Just another week!

It's so nice when we find someone who is humble and is looking for help that realizes God is their only source for hope. It's so saddening when you find those people who are in need, yet they still choose to not come closer to God. It's very sad. This past Sunday we had nobody at church. It's been another week of frustration for me. I'm trying hard, but it's SO hard to keep giving your all when you aren't seeing any results from it. I'm trying though. I did have one day sick this week though. Something I ate or drank really did me dirty. I couldn't move my stomach hurt so bad. So I slept all day. Which isn't the worst thing I guess ;) I really have come to love the scriptures. Being able to read them in two different languages is really a blessing. Cause things that fall through the crack in one are caught by the other! I love it! 

It's very hard to eat healthy on the mission because of time to cook, food prices and where you are during dinner. But we've been going to find like, meal replacement shakes because all you need is a bottle of water! And then you put the powder in and you're set! And we've been finding the uber healthy ones too. So like, all of these foods I've been missing in my life are now part of my diet! I've been telling everyone there's gonna be a big party at Lake Blaine in the summer of 2017, so prepare yourself for missionaries and friends! I've been dropping hints to dad that we need a new boat too... hahaha!!

A Mission Tradition: Power Wheeling
Jon Christensen is going on his mission so we ate at their house. Elder Welch took the picture and cut our feet off. So of course I asked him to take another. And yet he still cut my foot off. Some peoples kids...

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