Monday, March 7, 2016

Weirdest week!

This week was so tough. One of the weirdest weeks of the mission. The two things I truly have been able to learn this week is about faith and the Lord's tender mercies. I learned that it's easy to have faith when things are going super. But when crap hits the fan, it's hard to keep that faith high. Elder Welch and I have been doing great to continue this attitude of high faith. The other thing I learned about are the simple tender mercies of the Lord. We knocked one day FOREVER. We said zero prayers, helped no one with service. We decided to knock one last door and finally we were able to share a prayer. Though she didn't want to come to church or be baptized, it was a tender mercy of the Lord to even allow us to share one prayer with her. I've been studying in Ether and the mind blowing (well for me at least) thing I learned this week, is that our bodies are an exact representation of what our Spirit's look like. I also learned that when the brother of Jared saw Christ's body, that he saw a spiritual representation of what Christ's physical appearance would be. Super cool stuff. The district is doing great. As a district leader there are things I need to do every week to improve. I feel at the end of each week there's something more I can improve on and try my best to do so. Elder Chaparro and Cutler are great examples of hard work and leadership for me. I love being able to turn to them for council and direction. Our big black lady Diane didn't come to church this week because she got anti'd by her family. So we are praying for a member to help rescue her. We've also started teaching this girl named Tatiana. Her mom and grandma were baptized in Belize ages ago, so we're reactivating them and baptizing their 10 year old. I'll keep you updated. The mission tour was great! He's such a funny guy! We really focused on teaching simple truths from the Book of Mormon and keeping it short and powerful. I'll make a recording of the notes that he left us and send it next week. As for what else happened this week, not much. I've been working out a lot which is cool. Losing weight. Eating healthy. I feel good. I'm having fun. I'm loving the mission. Time is starting to fly. I love you all and I miss ya! Have a great week! 

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